500mph commutes, building exhibitions and mayonnaise – just a normal week then.

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When you’re part of a marketing agency, the topics and discussions that you become involved in are very diverse.  Here at ib3 we deal with clients in industries across the spectrum.  From multi-national construction companies to bespoke events organisers and venue operators, we love getting involved in a variety of projects.

Looking back over the last week or so, what has happened?  Well, let’s delve into it.

Edinburgh to London in 45 mins

Catapulted from the Scottish capital to the English Capital at 500mph on a cushion of air.  The hare to HS2’s tortoise.  Elon Musk has hit the headlines again with his trials of high (very high) speed travel.  The Hyperloop is a new system described by Musk as “a cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table”.  It certainly seems like an exciting mode of transport.  Due to the Hyperloop being such an extreme project, there will always be staunch supporters and critics.  Is it safe?  How much will it cost?  Will you be able to get a trolley service with over priced crisps and nuts?  Many questions still need answered, but what a thought!

Building a sustainable future at ecobuild

Last week I visited the ecobuild show.  Having worked within the FMCG industry for a number of years, this wasn’t my first tradeshow, but I must say, what a great day I had down there.  Meeting so many people from the industry with such passion and expertise on their field is great to see and be a part of.  From robotic drones to cavity wall insulation, what a variety of exhibitors ready to talk to you about their offering.  A particular highlight for me was chatting to a student from Newcastle University about a research project called BESiDE to better understand the needs of the elderly in care home design. They are combining data capture and wearable technology to collect and collate a set of recommendations to improve the lives of the elderly in care homes.  Good luck to the team over there!

Hold the mayo

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise owners Unilever are spending £7m on a marketing campaign around it’s new pack design.  The new brand style is aimed at giving the product a fresh feel to appeal to the consumer who are “looking for authentic and natural offerings” when making their choice.  Unilever’s move here is surely a response to the recent emphasis Kraft Heinz has been putting on its Seriously Good Mayonnaise.  Who knew that the egg based condiments sector could provide such a battle ground?  When you’re the number one player with sales worth over £90m per annum, then yes, this is a huge sector worth fighting for!  Britons are certainly big mayonnaise lovers (on the whole).

Marketing is like a box of chocolates

As I have mentioned, our client base is very diverse!  We see our dynamism as one of our major strengths.  When you work with an array of business in different industries, you begin to think outside of the box.  This is where the magic can happen!  Ideas and thinking shouldn’t be just confined to the ‘norm’.  We always try to give our clients an option.  In addition to proposals based on your brief, our ‘Wildcard’ proposal has accounted for numerous implemented campaigns with our clients.  Whilst still focused on your needs, the wildcard is exactly that, it’s a thought provoker!

Finally, a nice thought from Ikea Australia, ‘The Best Day is the Everyday’.

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