Bigger, better, faster, fresher

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Bigger, better, faster, fresher

The last few weeks has absolutely flown by here at ib3. I am very pleased to say that the new offices in Tonbridge are now open and fully functioning.

We all couldn’t be happier with our Victorian coach house on the banks of the River Medway. It’s certainly got our creative juices flowing! The new client meeting area is looking very nice indeed. Frank and Steve have splashed out on some very comfortable sofas. The task now is to make sure Frank spends time at his desk rather than sitting with his feet up eating biscuits! (Sorry Frank)

So what else has been going on? Plenty! Not too long ago, one of our Senior Web Developers, Jamie, celebrated 10 years with us. If he doesn’t know the answer, the answer doesn’t exist. Well done Jamie and enjoy the Apple Watch because you’ve certainly earned it!

I (Adam the Commercial Manager) have been out and about for the past fortnight spreading the ib3 message. What great feedback we’ve been getting. Projects with professional sports teams, environmental consultants and FMCG manufacturers are all in the infancy stages. Really exciting times and great progress for ib3’s further development.


The designers and developers have been hard at work with an array of projects. Firstly, the exciting rebranding of a legal firm. This is a total rebrand of the business. We love these projects and as a multichannel marketing agency, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a clear, bold and most importantly, consistent message is achieved across the offering. Branding isn’t just a flash logo and a new website; it’s a multitude of aspects. Messaging, personality, colour, channel alignment – the list goes on. We take every part of the brand identity extremely seriously and leave no stone unturned!

Secondly, we have been discussing mobile capabilities with one of our construction clients. Mobile, as we all know is growing in usage year on year. If your mobile offering isn’t strong, you’re missing a major opportunity. Following this, we are in the middle of an app building project to enable all potential customers to be converted into buying customers. Ensuring that all of your business’ touch points are as strong as they can be is the key to success. You’ve got to ask yourself, ‘how are my customers and consumers reacting and communicating with my brand?’ and then secondly ‘can they communicate with my brand readily and efficiently in these channels?’

Also we’ve been working with a pharmaceutical company to develop their PPC strategy. As a Google Certified Partner, our expertise can be used no matter what industry your business sits in. In addition to the above construction, medical and plumbing businesses, just to name a few, are all benefiting from our meticulous attention to detail when working on your PPC strategy. We work closely and intelligently with you to give you real return on investment from every penny that you spend.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, a little advice to businesses starting out or looking at capturing the social media crowd. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all great methods of spreading your message. However, it’s not as easy as creating an account and posting a few links to your website. I see it as an intricate recipe, incorporating many different ingredients: content, humour, video, media, education, selling, relevance and timing are all elements that must be paid great attention to.

Not all content is relevant to all platforms. In fact, other social media users can be put off your brand for posting inappropriate content. For example, whilst something might be appropriate for Facebook it may not be worthy content for LinkedIn; they are two very different platforms. Before posting anything, think to yourself, if someone I didn’t know posted this, would I click on it? Engaging, fresh, thought provoking content is a great way to build up respect on social media. So, don’t regurgitate trending topics that everyone has seen. Be different and add something to someone’s day that they may never have heard about.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a great Easter,