Only Fools and Crayons

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Only Fools and Crayons

April Fool’s Day has now passed for another year. I hope you didn’t fall for too many jokes and pranks! April 1st is a day when ‘Fake News’ is widely acceptable. From Kreme becoming Cream to Google Gnome, there were plenty of businesses making the most out of the day and why not?  So in this piece I’m covering the best of April Fool’s Day and a couple of more serious (not too serious!) topics.

I pity the fool!

From Planet Earth to the Life of Grime.  This was one of my favourites! BBC3 tweeted that David Attenborough was to present a documentary on the Grime scene.  Who fell for it? Stormzy.  More used to Jungle than Garage (sorry for about that) David would have provided a wonderfully captivating take on the music genre. Who wouldn’t want that?


Krispy Kreme produced a viral campaign stating the UK arm of their business was to change to Krispy Cream as Britons were confused with the pronunciation of it’s brand name. Whilst this was all a rouse, at least we all know how to pronounce it!

The Google Gnome. Voice activated smart technology for outside.  Have you ever wondered what temperature it is or which way the wind is blowing by asking a garden ornament?  Well this would have been perfect for you!  Sadly, Google will not be producing such tech, for now!  The video is well worth a watch in your lunch break.

Let’s get serious, let’s talk Crayons

Beaches, the Sun, flowers, bananas and probably most recently, Pikachus. How will children continue to create mini masterpieces, without their Dandelion crayon. Recently Crayola have announced the retirement of the Dandelion variant of it’s twenty-four piece range. It’s only the third time since Crayola’s launch in 1904 that a colour has been changed. Luckily, I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long to hear of the replacement.


Is that appropriate? Really?

Marsh & Parsons hit the headlines recently with their controversial marketing campaign in the London Underground.  Due to social media outrage, they have now been taken down. Recently, Marsh & Parsons have produced numerous humorous advertisements which have seemed to hit the spot, however, their latest offering hasn’t.  If you haven’t seen it, google it.  It’s an older gentleman with a younger lady and the phrase ‘A charming period property with a modern extension’. ‘Chauvinistic’, ‘alienated female clients’ and ‘bad taste’ were all used to describe the campaign on twitter. But has the advert had the desired affect? I don’t live in London or use the tube, so I would never have seen or heard about Marsh & Parsons, however now I’m writing about them! ProteinWorld and Betfred are kings of controversial marketing using it to great financial success. But is it the right thing to do?


Finally, on an ib3 topic, we are now fully up and running in our new studio in Tonbridge. We couldn’t be happier!  So if you want a marketing re-fresh or are looking to launch a new campaign, come in for a chat.  Don’t forget Leeds as well!

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