Don’t just settle for the same old service, not all agencies are the same!

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Not all agencies are the same don’t be afraid of change!

I had my eyes tested last week. Yes, I succumbed to advertising campaign – “Should have gone to Specsavers”. My last optician was very good, but the service I received was not quite as good as before and the range of glasses available was limited.

I had been with the same optician for many years, I guess it was just easier to stay with them – better the devil you know!

As a Commercial Manager, I speak to clients every day who have worked with the same creative agency for years and I attend numerous networking events. I hear so often – “My agency is very good, but expensive”. “My agency is good, but very slow”. “I have been with my agency for years, they are not perfect, but it would be difficult to move”.

I completely understand the reluctance to change creative communication agencies, but please remember that not all agencies are the same

Some lack creativity, some have inadequate client service, some have poor billing practices some suffer from agency greed. While there are many reasons for making an agency change, there are just as many compelling reasons why a client and agency should work hard to make their relationship work

Both parties must live in harmony with each other; if this does not happen divorce is inevitable.

Finding a new agency is a time-consuming task and selection can be very difficult. It was extremely satisfying then to receive a testimonial last week from a new client.

“I can highly recommend the services of ib3. I approached them with the task of designing a new leaflet for an electronics company and what they came up with was sleek, stylish and the modern, fresh feel we were looking for. As someone new to the job, their staff were amazing at guiding me through the process, explaining each stage to me and how the designing process worked. They were also brilliant at keeping in contact, updating us with every decision and eventuality. ib3 will now be my go to company for my design work”.

Please remember – Not all agencies are the same, don’t be afraid of change!!

Be brave and call me to find out how we can help you.

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