Brand vs Price. Get The Message Right

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Price is a major influencing factor in the purchase decision within many industries. Whether it’s buying a bottle of wine, deciding which I.T. supplier to go with or selecting a builder to use for your extension, price influences the choice. It is however not the only factor as we well know. If it was Waitrose wouldn’t exist! It may sound simple to keep the message away from cost, but at times, it can prove difficult.

Roll Up, Roll Up, Everything Must Go

Yes, there are times when your message will be cost based. A one-off promotion, 50% off clearance, a free business health check. These are all perfectly acceptable campaigns. But do not become price focused. If you become over reliant on price campaigns, your business is solely viewed with a transactional value. How will your customers then compare you to your competition? Probably price first. This makes the marketing of your business’ services or products a lot more difficult. Your USPs, brand values and strongest features are overshadowed by price.

We Are Great, Did You Know?

Forget price. The first part of your message should be about you ad your product/service. Why are you great? Why should I choose you as my supplier? You know the answer, but do your customers? Setting out a clear vision of who you are, why you do what you do and how it is superior or unique in all marketing campaigns gives you an edge. In your business plan or corporate guidelines there will be some great messaging that may be thought of as purely internal. But they shouldn’t be. People buy from businesses with a clear vision or culture that they want to share or be a part of. They buy from businesses with fantastic reputations or who offer outstanding services delivering better results than the competition. The consistent use of this messaging across channels is what successful campaigns are built upon.

Get That Balance Right

In a perfect world your business would be solely judged on the quality, standards or unique nature of your offering. We don’t live in a perfect world. Cost is still a factor. The skill is in the messaging cost but on a secondary basis. Failing to mention cost, if it is a differentiating factor of your business, would of course be a mistake.

Balancing The Message In Reality

As mentioned, consistently using the messaging across formats is vital to the success of the quality communication of your brand message.

Website: If you have a brochure, e-commerce or more complex website, getting the brand message across before price aids the capturing of customers. Buying in on an emotive, quality or unique message is far more impactful than price. Think about colour, layout and positioning on the pages to deliver your business message clearly, making it unavoidable.

PPC: When creating PPC adverts get the headlines right. Understand what your consumers are looking for making your ad stand out from the rest of the competition. Why should they click on your site above everyone else’s? Tie this in with a quality landing page as described above.

Print: Give the recipient a reason to read your brochure, leaflet or flyer. It’s not just more junk mail, it’s an extension of your business. Messaging and layout is clear.

To summarise, the more that price can be thought of secondarily, the better. Selling your business first with a clear, creative vision should help push the cost of doing business with you to the back of your customers mind. You have already created the demand.

If you need any help with making the most of all your hard work, get in touch. Don’t sell yourself short!

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