Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut – Refresh Your Creative

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Hitting a wall. Stuck in a rut. Going backwards. Becoming stale. Call it what you will, but sometimes businesses can stall and progress can be halted. There are of course many strategies that can be used to overcome these situations, but we believe taking a creative standpoint is the real value adding solution. Sometimes you need a fresh approach, different set of eyes, new thinking and fundamentally, a different angle for attack. Is your creative as good as it can be?

Slowing sales, reduction in web traffic, lack of new business leads and demotivated workforce can all be symptoms of businesses with issues. But the factors might not be as evident as that. Think about the perception that clients, competitors and internal stakeholders have of your business. Are they inspired? Do you come across as the industry powerhouse? Are your values and brand reflected in the creative that you distribute? Are you actually making progress? Quantitative vs qualitative. No-one (that I know anyway) wants to become stale and stagnant.

So, how can creative agencies help?

Simple, re-igniting the spark within the business and showcasing its strengths in a fresh, innovative light is a great starting point. As marketing managers, business managers or owners, there are a number of solutions to look at.

Fresh Input

Let’s be honest, you may just need a new agency if the agency that you’re with isn’t producing the goods. We work under the mantra of always thinking about a wildcard idea, what wouldn’t our clients think of. You are paying your agency to produce something different. Are they supplying this? Keep things fresh. If you believe that your agency aren’t focusing their attention and time on you like they used to, tell them.

Dip A Toe In A Different Channel

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Try something else. Try something new. There is a multitude of wonderful tools out there. There is such a depth of analytics available, ROI is so measurable and audiences can be targeted to fantastic degrees. Take a look at PPC,  this could compliment your existing strategy. What about social media? You could even start attending industry exhibitions and trade shows to drive your brand message directly to your customer. Look at apps or other technologies to make the most of technology.


Identities evolve all of the time. From mega-brands to one-man-bands, identity is extremely important and getting it right is vital. What does your business logo say about you? Is your website up to date with your latest offering and does it really capture what your all about? Maybe it’s time for a re-brand, a fresh start. Re-branding your business is more than just a new logo and colour scheme. You must think about tone, persona, mission statements, taglines, the list goes on and each element is as important as the rest.


Have people forgotten about you? Are you the greatest business that no-one has heard of?

Your client base may not have changed in the past five years. If this is the case, a fresh PR approach could be the way forward. Trade articles, journals, press, new blogs, content! Shout from the rooftops that you are the business to go to. Fully aligned, creative campaigns across channels can be extremely impactful. With well written copy and distinctive imagery, planned PR gives any business the opportunity to interact with consumers at every stage of their buying journey.

At ib3, we offer solutions to the problems raised above. If you need help or advice on how to re-ignite the creative spark in your business, get in touch.

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