What is Media Management?

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What exactly is media management

What exactly is ‘Media Management’? I thought I would put Google to the test. As only Google can, it brought up about “5 billion” results”.

Clearly, there is more than one answer. Maybe that’s why Media Management is often undervalued, certainly in the B2B sector. According to recent research “18 percent of advertisers have taken planning and buying in-house” - although that sounds low to me.

Let me give you an analogy. If you were flying a plane, wouldn’t you feel better having a qualified pilot next to you? The sky is far busier today than it has ever been!

Where should you be advertising?

With the wide range of options available to businesses nowadays, knowing where to target your advertising, content and PR efforts can be overwhelming.

  • Digital or traditional?
  • Print or online?
  • Features or banner ads?
  • Google or Facebook?

    The choice seems endless.

Online media consumption has increased strongly over recent years. Internet advertising overtook all other types of advertising in the UK back in 2017. It now accounts for over half of overall ad spend and is set to rise. 

There’s no doubt that channels like PPC advertising, social media and email marketing are extremely effective ways of getting your message out there. But it’s wise not to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to reaching your ideal customer - at least not without testing first!

One size does not fit all.

The ib3 approach to media management

Here at ib3, we employ an all-encompassing, holistic approach to media management. That’s not to say we’ll advise a scatter-gun strategy, but we will ensure that we’ve considered all channels and assessed their suitability for your business. By doing this, we can help formulate a strategic and manageable plan within your budget - crucially one that’s designed to maximise the return on your investment, something that’s much easier to measure with the rise of digital advertising. The old ‘spray and pray’ approach of the past no longer applies.

Our expertise doesn’t just lie on the digital side. We have many years of experience working and negotiating with contacts at trade publications and business websites worldwide. Our processes have been honed to ensure that we can deliver the very best exposure for your brand, service or product.

We have a very calm exterior, but what you don’t see is the years and years of experience, management, research, evaluation, planning, designing, creating, reporting and blood, sweat and tears that go into managing all types of media to generate the very best ROI for our clients.

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