The Changing Face Of Media Management

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The planning and buying of media is often the biggest expenditure of a marketing department. It is a difficult to determine whether media agencies offer real value and this proves to be a constant challenge.

Back in 1999, when we first started, the choice was simply between magazines. Today’s media selection is far more complex with analytics and ROI taking a centre stage.

Transparency is key to the success of Media Management. Are banner impressions fully delivered? What click through rate am I getting with my PPC campaigns? etc. Clients must get value for money

We are fortunate at ib3, as transparency has always been central to our development. Business to Business magazines often offer 10% – 15% agency commission, but this has seen a decline in recent years. Agencies must work harder to add value, especially as costs rise and returns difficult to measure in printed media. Make sure that terms of remuneration are transparent.

Complex media choices for agencies, now mean that they must fully understand the clients full marketing objectives. At ib3 we liaise with all partners including PR and Website agency (where applicable) to ensure that we get the full picture from every conceivable angle

The overwhelming success of digital media, especially Pay Per Click illustrates the value of content marketing and how integrated marketing strategies must be applied for truly successful campaigns.

Media expertise is often overlooked to reduce costs, and this can have a significant impact on campaign success.

Media Agencies have the expertise to independently evaluate and recommend relevant client media. They understand the client’s objectives, and are accountable. More importantly the time you will save to focus on other marketing matters is vital. You can also save money as your agency will not only have professional knowledge but also the negotiating muscle to get more for your budget.

However, don’t use your media agency just to save money, use them for strategy too. Creativity is the key for successful campaigns.

When choosing a media agency, chose the agency that best understands your needs and understands the media. Therefore, choose the agency that listens, is well organised and one that adds the most value.

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