The Benefits of using Drupal.

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Why Drupal

At ib3 we decided that Drupal, with over a million users, provides the most robust and flexible infrastructure for our clients. In other words, we can create unique, tailored made customer experiences, rather than simply relying on templated solutions. Drupal enables us to build better sites and experiences faster.

Drupal like many other content management platforms is open source and if you are looking for bespoke design and development, we believe Drupal can make a difference. Initially Drupal websites are likely to cost more than other platforms, such as WordPress, but you may actually save costs in the long-run.

Compared to WordPress, Drupal is an absolute beast! If you have a web app, or any type of web project that requires user permissions, Drupal's functionality is hardier than WordPress. Drupal is also more flexible when it comes to API development and its default caching features are more robust out of the box

Here are just a few advantages of having a website built on the Drupal platform:


There is reason why NASA ( and Tesla ( websites are built using Drupal with its enterprise level security. Drupal will lock down whatever directory is installed, making important data and configuration files unable to be accessed directly.


Drupal is one of most popular content management systems in the world. Drupal 8 is over three years old now and offers a seemingly endless offering of reliable dynamic, flexible, and ever-evolving modules. 

Targeted and Personalised User Experiences

Your website is the storefront to your customers, it shouldn’t be same as many other templated websites. Drupal supports your requirement for the personalised, interactive and targeted experiences.


There are no restrictions as far as content is concerned. We will design and develop page templates to suit your requirements and you will be able to manage that in-house without any technical skills being required.


Another core strength of Drupal is the ability to extend your website. Drupal's vast library of modules integrate perfectly well with the core platform.

Drupal can be used for a huge variety of websites, including corporate sites, associations, product catalogues, etc. Other well-known websites built using Drupal include: The business sites of Twitter, ebay and Pinterest, and even one for Lady Gaga!

At ib3 we've been building award winning websites for nearly 22 years. If you would like to meet-up and find out how a Drupal website can change your business, please get in touch.