The brief

After we had completed the Mobeus branding refresh, they asked us for a comprehensive document that could be used as an awareness tool internally as well as by in-house designers.

The brand book also needed to communicate the new brand values and to get ‘buy-in’ from staff, so they can all sing from the same song sheet, so to speak.

The solution

We broke their new identity into 10 distinctive areas, including ‘Typography’, ‘Graphic elements’ and a section on their ‘visual languages’ that would visually signpost the different part of their business. 

Each has clearly set out guidelines for how to use these key elements within future communications.

One of these areas, that was key to the refresh, was a new tone of voice. A specialist copywriter came up with rules and advice so that every piece of writing going forward would sound consistent and reflect their brand proposition and values.

The results

A successful Mobeus ‘bible’ that is instructional yet flexible for designers and writers to confidently convey the Mobeus brand and culture.