The Brief

H+H is the UK’s market-leading manufacturer of aircrete blocks (lightweight breeze blocks for the non-builders amongst you!). They were looking to use PPC to increase brand awareness and to make customers aware of the full potential of their extensive product range. H+H pride themselves on providing excellent customer support at every stage of the building process. It was essential that this message was highlighted in copy and in animated artwork to be used for Google Display and Remarketing Ads. 

The Solution

Over the years that ib3 has been working with H+H, we’ve developed a strategy which produces consistently good results whilst also allowing for innovation. Typically, campaigns include core ‘general’ search campaigns where we promote Celcon Blocks, alongside a rolling series of campaigns to promote specific products. Video campaigns help boost Brand Awareness and Remarketing on the Google Display Network is used to encourage people to revisit the H+H website.

The Results

Click-through rates well above the industry average, and substantial increases in website traffic. So far this year, H+H’s ads have been shown on Google and partner websites 2.8 million times, there have been 41,688 video views and the interaction rate has risen by an impressive 25%.

"PPC has now become an integral part of my marketing; it is wonderful to have the ib3 professionals working on my behalf."
Marketing Manager H+H Celcon