Bubble Customised Clothing

The Brief

Bubble Customised Clothing had developed a new charitable service for their clients. The Bubble team needed to make business, schools and charities aware of this and generate leads to new business opportunities for the company in the local area. ‘Our Pledge’ as it is now known, needed a sub brand identity and a social media strategy for launch.

The Solution

Combining a cross-functional team of designers and digital marketers, ib3 reviewed Our Pledge and devised several design options for the clients. A story, strategy and tactical plan was then created for the three target markets of local commerce, charities and schools.

The Result

A unique sub-brand was created to differentiate Bubble and Our Pledge from the competition locally. Following a consultation process, a full social media approach was presented to incorporate twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. The consultation and advise was taken by the Bubble team and utilised from launch.

This approach led to a 43% increase in acquired traffic through social media and a 40% increase in new business lead generation.