Pay-per-click (PPC)

Our experienced Google-certified PPC specialists know how to put together stand-out campaigns. We always deliver exceptional value to our clients by continually introducing new ideas and approaches, all focused on broadening their customer base and increasing return on investment.

Whether the goal is to boost brand awareness, to generate enquiries, or to drive sales, we’ve proven time and time again that well-run PPC campaigns work.

Our approach

At ib3 we pride ourselves on really understanding our clients’ businesses. While we make good use of the latest automated features and industry-leading tools, we know nothing can replace the human touch.

We have a tried and tested approach when it comes to running PPC campaigns. So what can you expect from us?

First, we’ll talk to you.
We’ll hone down exactly what it is you want to achieve from paid search. We’ll ask whether there are particular products, services or promotions you want to highlight. And we’ll find out more about who and where your target audience is.
Second, we’ll do our research.
We have access to industry-leading tools to help us understand your competition, and to ensure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying those all-important keywords.
Third, we’ll structure your campaign(s).
As Google Partners we have access to all the latest knowledge, features and support, and we make good use of it. We’ll consider the best types of campaign for your business - across both the Google and the smaller Bing networks - and we’ll structure your ad groups and keywords in a way designed to maximise clicks.
Fourth, we’ll use our specialist knowledge to help you stand out from the crowd.
We’ll provide technical advice on how to improve your landing pages. Our copywriters will ensure there is a steady stream of unique, engaging ads. Our designers will create compelling visuals for any display network or remarketing campaigns. And our analysts will crunch the numbers to find out what’s working well, and what areas need more attention.
Fifth (and finally), we won’t rest on our laurels.
At ib3 we hold ourselves accountable. We’ll provide you with regular reports to let you know how your campaigns are performing and, as part of those, and we’ll set ourselves objectives to do even better. By constantly testing ads, updating keywords and bids, testing new campaigns and features and tapping into seasonal and business trends, we’ll ensure your PPC campaigns are the best they can be.